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Lisa Snow

Hi!! For the people who are new to my website- my name is Lisa Snow and I am the Snow who is in LA. In the past I have made videos where I dance with strangers in the gym or on the street. I have had so many people reach out and tell me that it brings them joy and a sometimes much needed smile. It's time I step it up a notch. When I was growing up, I always felt "different" from my friends. All the girls would talk about kissing boys and getting butterflies when "he held my hand," and I never felt that. It became even more confusing for me when I started to get older and still not feel the way I was told I was supposed to. I just needed someone to relate to! When I was coming out I looked for people who were like me- on tv, on youtube, anywhere! When I found people who explained their feelings and they sounded like mine- I felt less alone and in return HAPPY! This is what I am here to do! I want this to be a space you can come and be yourself! Love who who you are, and embrace everything that makes you different. Stay a while on my site! I have blog posts, videos, and merchandise! Have a gay old time and keep being awesome!


Welcome to Snow in LA, my very own passion project filled with unique and engaging content. Explore my site and all that I have to offer; perhaps Snow in LA will ignite your own passions as well.

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My First Time...

My heart was racing. Was I actually going to do it!? I could have kept going about my business and not even imply I was going to start anything. Up, down, up, down. "There are two of them... I hope both will join in. That's it, I'm going for it."

Getchyo head out of the gutter! haha! The up down was my dumbbell, and I had my eyes set on two guys who were working out! I had someone else filming and I pretended to just be going along with my exercise of single-arm dumbbell rows. I got in a few reps, placed the dumbbell down and danced over to one of the guys. He just looked at me confused. THEN he did something I wasn't prepared for! He walked away! So what did I do? I followed him, haha! He walked over to be closer to his friend, who he thought might save him- but I was committed!I kept dancing until I thought it was enough, and realized that even though I technically got rejected, I had so much fun!!

I posted it on my instagram page not thinking anything of it. Next thing I know- my phone was blowing up! I had comments and likes in numbers I have never seen. People started to compliment how brave I was and how it is inspiring to see me be my authentic self. That was the spark that I needed. I had so much fun doing it, and it made other people happy too?! DONE. So I started dancing with people in the gym after that, and then people on the streets of LA, and hopefully one day I get a chance to travel to dance with people and spread allll the happiness. ;)

Game face on! haha!