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Lisa Snow

Hi!! For the people who are new to my website- my name is Lisa Snow and I am the Snow who is in LA. In the past I have made videos where I dance with strangers in the gym or on the street. I have had so many people reach out and tell me that it brings them joy and a sometimes much needed smile. It's time I step it up a notch. When I was growing up, I always felt "different" from my friends. All the girls would talk about kissing boys and getting butterflies when "he held my hand," and I never felt that. It became even more confusing for me when I started to get older and still not feel the way I was told I was supposed to. I just needed someone to relate to! When I was coming out I looked for people who were like me- on tv, on youtube, anywhere! When I found people who explained their feelings and they sounded like mine- I felt less alone and in return HAPPY! This is what I am here to do! I want this to be a space you can come and be yourself! Love who who you are, and embrace everything that makes you different. Stay a while on my site! I have blog posts, videos, and merchandise! Have a gay old time and keep being awesome!


Welcome to Snow in LA, my very own passion project filled with unique and engaging content. Explore my site and all that I have to offer; perhaps Snow in LA will ignite your own passions as well.

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Embrace Your Different...

I don't think I will ever understand why people think it is okay to call someone out, or make fun of them because of their sexuality. There are STILL stories on the news about young people ending their lives, because they get bullied for who they are. I am going to put this into perspective, and I think that it should be obvious to most, but maybe it needs to be said again. We. Are. All. Different. That is how it should be! It really is what makes this life so incredible. We can be entertained by someone not like us, helped by someone not like us, accompanied by someone who is not like us, fall in love with someone who is not like us! If we were all the same, MAN life would be boring. Who someone loves is just another thing that makes them their unique self. Just like I have green eyes and you might have blue or brown. You are beautiful with your brown eyes, you are beautiful with your blue eyes, and guess what- I am beautiful with my green eyes. Even though our eye colors are different, we might still find something in common with our eyes! Like, I don't know... my eyes help me see, do yours? We as humans are different to start, but something we have in common is the ability to love and be loved no matter the gender of the person. Acknowledge your different, embrace your different, but also be open to recognize the similarities in our differences. I love youS and alllll yo differences. Keep being awesome.