Spoiler Alert: She Was Right! (The Book I Wish I Had When I Was Coming Out)

The journey to self-acceptance is not always easy and uniform. We don’t ever know what to expect, and when I was coming out, I often times found myself saying, “I wish there was a book about this.” I would read great books that were coming from the lives of people like Ellen DeGeneres’ mom or watch TV shows that showed LGBTQ representation, but they didn’t often talk about the little things that go on in your mind when coming out.


My mom said she was worried I would have a hard life, my sister asked if I had sex with a boy, my dad wanted me to be happy, and my brain was telling me I was alone.


This is a look into my journey of coming out as a lesbian, and how I navigated my way through the different experiences I went through. I also share my advice based on my journey. Self-acceptance, acceptance of others, confidence, haircuts involving bowl cuts, and a touch of flannel is what this book is about. By the end, I hope you are so jazzed that you have to try your hardest to not give any spoilers away to your friends!


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